Saturday, June 14, 2014

Watched this great old movie from 1933 the other night. I remember how it scared me when I was just a little boy.



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Rainy Days and Toothaches

It started last night with a dull throb in the back upper right of my mouth.

It’s a loose tooth that I’ve had issues with for about 4 years now. It’s no surprise to me, really. I’m aware of the fact that it has been a dead tooth for quite a while now.

Unfortunately, being a member of that legion of the long-term unemployed, finances have not allowed for proper dental care this past few years.

And while the extreme poor, those a half step away from spending their next night in a cardboard box under the Interstate, may have access to hospital emergency rooms or other government-paid health care such as Medicaid, there is next to nothing available in the way of dental care for the poor.

So, I’ll just suffer through it. Eventually, the damned tooth will fall out so I can put it under my pillow and get a dime or maybe even a quarter from the Tooth Fairy. Hmm… yeah, right.

On a related note, sort of…

Ever wonder why the poorest Americans are also the fattest and least healthy? I’ll tell you why that is.


I went to the store a few minutes ago to buy some “soft” food, just in case my tooth continued to torture me over the next day or so. I normally eat healthy; meaning low carb, high fiber salads, chicken, fish, pork, and rarely beef these days. That food is a bit hard on a bad tooth, though. Lettuce, cellery, carrots, etc. require lots of chewing.

Remembering this same tooth giving me issues back in 2010, I also remembered that my diet during that time had to be “soft”. Most soft food is high in carbs, unfortunately. At the store, I bought 12 packages of Ramen style soup, two boxes of macaroni & cheese mix, two cans of chili with beans, a 2 lb bag of white rice, and a 12oz package of (mostly chicken lips and pigs tails) hot dogs.


That’s quite a bit of food, huh? It’s probably two or three days’ worth or more for a normal person. You know what that cost me? About $10. That’s it. Just $10. To buy fresh produce and quality lean cuts of meat and fish to last me the same amount of time usually costs me upwards of $50 or so.


That, folks, is why the poor in America are all fat and unhealthy. The food that is the absolute worse for you (high carb, high sodium, processed) is also the very cheapest on the shelves. If you’re a poor mother trying to feed her family using her husband’s menial income to do it, what are you going to buy? You’d have to get the most “bang for your buck”, as the saying goes, right?

Ever heard that the way to oppress the masses is to keep them ignorant and fed? See a pattern here? Think on it a while…

And that’s today’s rant. I must now go suck on some toothache medicine and take about 6 aspirin.



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Thursday, March 20, 2014

1st Day of Spring

Seems as though it’s been a long time coming, but Spring is finally here!

When I was young, summer was always my favorite time of year, possibly because I hated school so much that summer vacation was the time of year I lived for all the other nine months. Nowadays, though, I much prefer the “transition” months of spring and fall. Winter ain’t too bad either, but that’s only because I live in Florida. :)

So, wherever you may find yourself in the Northern Hemisphere of this big blue marble we all reside on, here’s hoping your spingtime finds you soon. It’s a beautiful day outside. I’m going to sit out on my porch and have a cup of coffee while I watch the sun set over my neighbor’s roof line.

Have fun!


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